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December 26, 2007

WELCOME!! Yes you’re in the right place the home of the GARIMOT WEBLOG’S

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HILOT “Filipino Restoration Theraphy”
ARTISTIC CARVING by: Chef Abundio Baet
HARIMAW BUNO (Filipino Wrestling/Grappling)

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For Martial Arts Lesson, Hilot Treatments or Artistic Carving you may Contact us@:

1240 NW 92nd Avenue
Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024
Tel. 954-432-4433
Cel. 305-788-4403

Gat Puno AbonGat Puno AbonGat Puno Abon


Hilot “Filipino Restoration Therapy”

December 24, 2007


This page is dedicated to the practitioner and to all interested to learn about the Hilot (Filipino Healing Arts) taught by Gat Puno Abon “Garimot” Baet.

Right here we can share ideas of how you can learn and get a “Hilot treatments” from certified “Hilot” by the Garimot orgnization, or how to become certified Hilot in your area. Join us to this jorney making the “Hilot Retoration Therapy” be part of fast growing alternative theraphy.

Our Goal is to bring or offer “Hilot” to the world to see it’s great wonder, and someday be embrace as one of the most seek alternative therapies. My vision for “Hilot” is to reach the skyline of every Spa around the globe. Hope this weblog’s help us grow together, let your question be heard and get response that we could learn (negative or positively). Join us NOW!!!!

Artistic Ice Sculpture by Chef Abundio

December 22, 2007


This is the official Chef Abundio Artistic Carving Weblog’s.

We Specialized in Artistic Centerpieces
* Ice Carving
* Tallow/Butter Sculpture
* Styrofoam Sculpture
* Cheese Carving
* Fruit Carving
* Vegetable Carving
* Wood Carving
* Available for Live Demonstration & TV apperance

Buy the : Garde Manger Artistic Carving by: Chef Abundio
212 Pages 8X11, full color picture easy to follow step by step procedure of Artisitic Carving
Price $52.95 Shipping is Free anywhere in the US
Pay-pal: (if you used pay-pall add $3 @ the total)
Otherwise send you payment by Money Order, payable to:

Chef Abundio S. Baet
1240 NW 92nd Avenue
Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024
Tel. 954-432-4433
Cel. 305-788-4403

Tallow Sculpture

Tallow Sculpture

Tallow Sculpture


December 21, 2007


This weblog is dedicated to the Harimaw Buno (Filipino Wrestling, Grappling Arts). If you have any question about this arts just simply post on this weblog and I will answer them ASAP. Member, you want to be a member, training group seminar, etc.

Gat Puno Abon “Garimot” Baet
US Harimaw Buno Federation
World Harimaw Buno Federation



Check the PDF for GAT-Summer Retreat Flyer for July/2008


December 20, 2007


Hello Garimot practioner and visitors, this is a place for us to meet and ask important question in regards of the Family martial arts from the Philippines known as Garimot Arnis de Mano, Harimaw Buno and Hilot. I my self, Gat Puno Abon “Garimot” Baet, will answer any question you may have or inquiries about the fast growing family the Garimot Arnis Training Group around the world.

Gat Puno Abundio “Garimot” Baet
Read the PDF below for more info