Hello Garimot practioner and visitors, this is a place for us to meet and ask important question in regards of the Family martial arts from the Philippines known as Garimot Arnis de Mano, Harimaw Buno and Hilot. I my self, Gat Puno Abon “Garimot” Baet, will answer any question you may have or inquiries about the fast growing family the Garimot Arnis Training Group around the world.

Gat Puno Abundio “Garimot” Baet
Read the PDF below for more info






  1. garimot Says:

    Have question in Cinco Teros Arnis, Siete Colores Arnis, Tres Puntos Eskrima, Doce Pares of Laguna, Moro-moro, Laban Tulisan and more.??
    Gat Puno Abon “Garimot” Baet

  2. mike "Tandang" eugenio Says:

    hi Guro A…what a great idea…i was just working on the same thing for on…we can start our own group discussion.

  3. mike "Tandang" eugenio Says:

    hi Guro A…i was just working on the same idea this weekend on…what a great idea and a great resource for your Art.

  4. saintokillers Says:

    hi Guro A, nice place to hang out and virtually meet everybody…great exposure for your ART!


    mike “tandang”

  5. garimot Says:

    Mike, Welcome to our webblog’s, yes it is our way to have our own place to hang out and open forum, for everyone to discuss and learn from it. It about time that we can have a place like this for our organization. We need to start keeping touch to each other. Sometimes, question came out, when you were alone or in you work, now you can open the blogs and just post your question and wait for the answer from the group. Okay please let everyone know about it, and serious student is amust to join to this blog’s. Okay talk to you later.

    Gat Puno Abon

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